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Solitaire Cards Game


Ready to face a game of memory, logic and observation? If youre a fan of complex puzzles and you like to solve puzzles dont miss out this amazing solitaire application created for that enterprising people wanting to train their mental intellect and challenge their brain, go ahead!A simple but addictive pastime with which you will spend moments of pleasure without even leaving home, created primarily to discuss a single person, however, you can also challenge other opponents to see who is the best! You must pay close attention all the time, but you will find it relatively easy, as your main mission will be to stack cards on a numerical way until all of them have been grouped into seven decks, for it you must group all the cards for paints and downstream and always beginning with the aces. If at any time of the game you cant move you have to start to uncover the cards stacked in the upper left corner and wait for it to appear some one that can be used in one of the series, but youll lose the game immediately and you will have to start over.
With high quality graphics, a really simple interface to use and the most innovative designs of the screens you will live an experience out of the ordinary, dont hesitate and enter now, Luck!